Advertorial online and/or newsletter

Advertorial we are seeking to encourage is a mix of informative and incisive content of a topical nature with your 'message' woven into the piece.  In this way, as the the advertiser you provide real value by informing our members whilst positioning yourself in the context of a potential solution.  Advertorial may be online and/or in the HTA newsletter, HEAVYTalk.

Example: A company wishing to promote their safety equipment to HTA members may wish to provide an incisive advertorial article on the subject of safety, including references and/or links to (say) appropriate legislation, accident statistics, insurance quotes etc, concluding with examples of how their products or services provide a potential solution and including evidence such as (say) case studies, customer testimonials etc. Ideally this should be topical - eg either relating to some new/impending legislation, a topical subject, etc.